September 24, 2010

Installing C/C++ Plugin In Eclipse

Eclipse has long been used for developing Java applications. When it comes to C/C++, developers familiar with Eclipse would like to use the same, rather than shifting to another IDE.

After Googling for quite long, I came across many links, but most of them were tutorials for downloading Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) IDE. I prefer a plugin for the existing IDE, instead of a separate IDE, even though Eclipse.

Installing Eclipse CDT IDE

1. Download from here.

2. Extract the archive, configure, compile and install.

Installing C/C++ Plugin In Eclipse IDE

1. From Help-> Install New Software..., go to the Install window.

2. Enter the location for Eclipse Galileo (3.5) or for Eclipse Helios (3.6). Click Add.

3. Select the items you need to install. I selected the following.

(a) Under CDT Main Features

i) Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools

(b) Under CDT Optional Features

i) CDT GNU Toolchain Build Support
ii) CDT GNU Toolchain Debug Support
iii) CDT Utilities
iv) Eclipse C/C++ Development Platform

Note: If you select all, some of the items may not be installed.

Then click Next.

4. You get a review window. Click Next.

5. Accept the terms and conditions and click Finish.

6. After completion of the plugin, Eclipse asks you for a restart. Click Yes.

Installation successful!




  1. Hi it works...Thanks...But how long it will take to install C/C++ plugin in Eclise IDE of Linux Platform???


  2. thats actually i was googling..

    thanks a lot it really works..but cpp file when opened with cpp editor it shows syntax errors..
    i don't know why..

    actually i want to see details of functions when mouse moves on funtion as in android environment m able to see..

  3. @Rocky: I don't think hovering the mouse over a function shows its definition in Eclipse. Regarding the syntax errors, cross-check the entire code. You can have a look at the following link:

  4. Thanks a lot: it is working.


  5. thank u very much..........
    it is useful

  6. this was useful. thank you :)

  7. thanks a lot varsha... I've literally spent 3 days on configuring c/c++ in my galilio java IDE. Was looking for a plugin as mentioned by you... Now I have java and c in the same IDE. thanks to you. u know why eclipse is not configuring c/c++ when i select every softwares in the CDT section??

  8. i tried it and its installation progress 60% and then an error occure.... the package contains some unwanted information click ok to proceed after clicking ok terminate the installation.... how i install c/c++ plug_in

  9. Thanks alot varsha....It worked
    Can you tell how can i install subclipse plugins.

  10. By Subclipse, do you mean subversion plugins, like SVN?

  11. That was useful, I was searching for an editor to code using render script for android. :) Happy now.

  12. Thank you so much.. Really It made my work so easy.. :)

  13. Too Good boss.Excellent.

  14. Hi

    how to install CDT from source ???


  15. hi how can we have CDT installed in Linux?

  16. @Artyom: if you mean Eclipse CDT, I have already mentioned.

  17. Hi can you provide the installation link for eclipse indigo? Thanks...

  18. thanks...:)

  19. How do u configure?

  20. works like a charm. Thank you :)

  21. This is too much.. It's not at all useful.. this is simple installation so you are not worth to use eclipse...

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