August 16, 2009

Update Your Pidgin Status With The Current Music Track

Your friends are complementing you for your marvelous music collection and choice of songs. Sounds nice? Read on.

There is a plug-in for Pidgin, known as MusicTracker. You can find it in Tools-> Plugins.

1. Search for the desired plug-in.
2. Check the box.
3. Close the window.

There you are. Start playing you favorite music, and let your friends get the updates of the current playing track as your status. You can change your settings from Tools-> MusicTracker.

But, I understand that some of you might be wondering whether this plug-in works with all the media players. Well, no.

You can try out using the player of your choice, but it may not support the plug-in.

We'll just have a brief insight into which players actually support this plug-in. I won't be hitting the topic on Windows, as that is not my area of interest. But on Linux, the following players can be employed for this purpose.

1. Amarok
1. Banshee
1. Feed
4. MPD
5. Rhythmbox

There are many others. You can check them out here.

I personally prefer using the VLC media player, but I installed Banshee for this purpose. I have Rhythmbox too. So, you too can use whichever player you are comfortable with.

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