December 1, 2009

Tata Indicom USB Modem On Ubuntu 9.10

To successfully configure my Tata Indicom Plug2Surf Modem, what I did was,

1. Insert the modem, and then open the terminal and type,

varsha@varsha-laptop:~$ sudo wvdialconf

2. Type,

varsha@varsha-laptop:~$ sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

Edit the file:

Phone = #777
Password = internet
Username = internet

I am not sure if any other username and password would work, because it did not really work for me.

3. Save the file and exit the editor.

In addition to what you have done above, add the name of your modem in the Network connections. For this, right-click the Network Icon on the top panel. Then, do the following.

1. Select the tab Mobile Broadband. Click Add.

2. Click Forward (take the default settings on the first page).

3. Select India and click Forward.

4. Select the appropriate provider (Tata Indicom Plug2Surf in my case). Select I can't find my provider and I wish to enter it manually if you don't find your provider in the list. Click Forward.

5. Click Apply.

6. Take the default #777 in the Number field, and enter internet (as you have edited the /etc/wvdial.conf file) in the Username and Password fields.

7. Connect automatically and Available to all users are optional.

8. Click Apply.

9. Select the name of your connection from the list and you will see that connection is established.

Happy surfing!



  1. i m traing but network disconnected msg

  2. @Come on: Did you check if the modem is being detected? Check for the location of the modem in the output of 'sudo wvdialconf' on the terminal. The location starts with '/dev'. Also, make sure that the fields 'phone number' (#777), 'username' and 'password' in the wvdial.conf file and the network connections are same.

  3. can u tell me any way i can know my balance....
    in windows...the tata indicom software has the menu for sending msgs...wat we need to do is just send a msg BAl to 25757..n get the balance.....but in ubuntu there is nothing like this u have any solution to this...

  4. @Sushant: As far as I know, there is no way to send such messages on Linux, because the software you get is for use on Windows, and so you get such facilities. We configure the modem on Linux, without any software. I'll post as soon as I find out. You too keep us informed.

  5. ya ...ok...u might be having the modem do u know ur balance........

  6. ok..can u tell me how to change the background image of the 1st user login page...........

  7. @Sushant: Mine is a post-paid one. Regarding the image on the login screen, go to System-> Preferences-> About Me.

  8. can i have ur gmail id that i can talk 2 u directly.....

  9. no no....i m not talkking bout the user image.....i m talking bout the background image.....

  10. @Sushant: If you mean the desktop wallpaper, right- click on the desktop, select Change Desktop Background. Click the button Add under Background tab. Browse for the image.

  11. Hi,
    When I type sudo wvdialconf on $ prompt, first it ask for password. When I give password, it say sudo: wvdialconf: command not found. please help. I am using Ubuntu 9.10 the karmic koala - released in oct-2009. Thanks, Naresh

  12. @Naresh: Install wvdial first. Wvdial detects the modem automatically.

  13. thanx a lot Varsha.....have been lukn for this

  14. Hi,
    Can I post this on the website of the IIT Delhi Linux User Group? It will be very helpful.


  15. @Pranav: ya sure. But I think it is already there on

  16. After establishing the connection,a default browser will be used.Any way of changing it ?