February 20, 2010

Facebook Chat On Pidgin

Wondering why there is no IM client for Facebook, I just Googled a bit to find that there is a plugin for Pidgin that allows users to configure their Facebook account. What I did was:

1. Install the plugin pidgin-facebookchat. You can use your Synaptic Package Manager or aptitude (in case of Ubuntu/ Debian), or, if that is an older version, then download the latest file from here.

2. Double-click the .deb file and click Install Package. You'll probably have to configure, compile and install the package if you download the .tar.gz version.

3. Restart Pidgin.

4. Select Manage Accounts from Accounts, and click on Add....

5. Select protocol Facebook, enter your username and password under tab 'Basic'. Under 'Advanced', check your preferences, and under 'Proxy', set your proxy (if applicable).

6. Then check your Facebook account in the Accounts window.

That's it. :)

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