August 27, 2010

Setting Up Proxy For Subclipse In Ubuntu

After installing the Subversion Eclipse Plugin in Eclipse, I wasn't able to add an SVN repository. I was getting the error RA layer request failed in eclipse. I realized that it was due to incorrect proxy settings that I wasn't able to connect to the SVN server. Configuring proxy in this case may not be as easy as entering the address and port number in Eclipse preferences.

To set up the proxy for the SVN server, do the following:

1. varsha@varsha-laptop:~$ cd .subversion/

2. varsha@varsha-laptop:~/.subversion$ ls

3. varsha@varsha-laptop:~/.subversion$ gedit servers

4. In the servers file, find the lines with http-proxy-host and http-proxy-port under [global] section.

5. Uncomment those lines and enter the host address and the port number respectively for http-proxy-host and http-proxy-port.

6. Save and close the editor.

7. In the SVN Repository view in Eclipse, try adding a new repository location.

Hope it works.

Note: Make sure you don't leave a space before the statements after uncommenting the two lines as said above, else you are likely to get the error
Cannot map the project with svn provider.


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  4. Hey there,Subclipse is a plug-in for Eclipse that executes Subversion commands from within Eclipse so you don't have to go out to the filesystem.In my work,I find that I utilize both svn (or TortoiseSVN) and Subclipse to accomplish my work.When my project is situated up and I'm effectively developing it in Eclipse,I don't utilize the more formal Subversion clients so much from that point.My success went ahead Ubuntu (Lucid) in the wake of trying trivially to set up Subclipse (only for Windows,which was exceptionally unimportant), then trying Subversive (which I anticipated that would work),then abandoning Subversive for a brief moment attempt at Subclipse,which then succeeded.Thank you.

    Rachel Wood.