November 7, 2010

A Trick In Nokia

Most of you like downloading applications for your mobile phone, but in my case I can't do that due to some subscription problem. So, what I generally do is download the applications on my laptop and then transfer to my phone. But I am extremely particular about the location of the application- I don't want it to be just anywhere, but in the Applications menu, which is not really possible, whether you use Bluetooth or data cable.

This is a trick I tried out in my Nokia 2700 mobile phone. I am not sure for how many of you this will work. I presume you use Linux (my distro Ubuntu). Create a folder called Applications beforehand inside Gallery. Via Bluetooth, browse and open the Gallery on your phone, and copy the application files into the folder you created. On your phone, open the folder- it will be empty (even though you copied the application files into it). Now go to Applications menu from the main menu, and hopefully you'll find the application there.

It worked for me.

Note: This works via Bluetooth, and not data cable.

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