January 17, 2011

Mukti'11- The FOSS Festival Of NIT Durgapur

The GNU/Linux Users' Group of NIT Durgapur brings to you once again a three-day FOSStertainment, Mukti'11, from 4th-6th February 2011, with numerous events, where you can participate and enjoy working on Open Source platform.

Mukti, last year was a huge success, and we hope, this year too, we'll be able to fulfill all the expectations you FOSS-lovers have.

Just register yourselves and prepare to bag as many prizes as possible.

A brief overview of the various events we have, is as follows:

1. CodeCracker- online coding competition

2. Freemex- online stock market simulation

3. ImaGIMP- online designing contest

4. Quizzing

5. Rush Hour- the gaming contest

6. Open Project- have wonderful FOSS ideas to showcase? Then this is the chance!

7. Brainmesh- website designing contest

8. Hack the Code- debug and rewrite the code

9. InCanity- develop knowledge in C

10. Konfigure- system administration contest

11. Online Treasure Hunt- go explore

12. N-Core- event for core branches

13. Free-PL- go play!

In addition to the already mentioned exciting events, we also bring to you wonderful and interesting workshops by well-known FOSS enthusiasts, Rahul Sundaram, Kushal Das, Shantanu Tushar Jha, Shreyank Gupta, Shilp Gupta.

Everyone, not just NITDGPers, is invited to take part.

We are available at:

Group: http://groups.google.co.in/group/nitdgplug
IRC: Network FreeNode, channel #nitdgplug

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