February 7, 2011

Mukti'11 Comes To An End

One more year and one more Mukti passes by. This was yet another wonderful fest, but unfortunately our last Mukti in college. Nevertheless, the zeal was no less. We had exciting events and awesome workshops by eminent FOSS personalities from Red Hat and KDE. Here is a briefing of our last FOSS Festival of NITDGP.

Day 1:

After not much ado, our fest kick-started, with a small inauguration ceremony at the Lords arena, graced by our new Director Prof. T.K. Sinha, Dean of Administration Prof. A.K.Mitra, Dean of Students' Welfare Prof. G.Sanyal, the GLUG faculty advisors Prof. A. Dutta and S. Nandi and many other professors. Soon later, we had an RPM Packaging Workshop by Rahul Sundaram from Red Hat. Followed the Python Workshop by Kushal Das, Red Hat, and then Hack The Code Prelims in the arena. End of Day 1.

Day 2:

Day 2 started off with Hack The Code Finals, with 10 finalists. Soon followed System Programming Using Python Workshop by Kushal Das. Later we had GUI Programming Using Python Workshop. An over night event FreePL followed up much later.

Day 3:

Day 3 was the most amusing and frivolous day of our three-day fest. During the on-going Creating Fluid User Interface Using QML Workshop by Shantanu Tushar Jha from KDE, we also had an unplanned Photography Workshop by Kushal Das, who is also a professional photographer for many magazines, in the arena. We had tremendous fun, clicking almost everything we could lay our eyes on in the arena.

The idea of having a small DJ Nite by Shreyank Gupta of Red Hat, by a few of our crew members, filled us all with thrill. Shreyank Gupta soon joined in. Being a pass-out of this college, and a GLUG member, he was forced into DJing. He installed the necessary software and started his practice session. Next was his workshop on Ruby On Rails. After it got over, a Valedictory Ceremony followed in the arena.

After the Valedictory Ceremony, Shreyank Gupta was forced onto the stage, where he tried in vain to talk us out of the DJ idea by singing a song, but none would give in. Finally, we had our very own DJ Shrink, although the DJ Nite didn't last for long. All the crew members went frenzy with the dancing and the GPLs and the photography.

Finally, our final Mukti in this college comes to an end.

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