February 26, 2009

Light Painting During MUKTI'09


In this post, I am about to describe one of the most happening performances ever. This happened in my very own college- NIT Durgapur- during a National Level Technical Symposium called Mukti I won't be able to write much on this fest, because I actually did not contribute towards its success along with the members of LUG and many volunteers, as I was away writing my exams, and I really missed out on all the fun. :(

I attended only this particular event , performed by two fabulous Canadian artists- Patrick Rochon and Nicolas Maranda, who travel all around the world carrying out this terrific act, and mesmerizing people. I was thrilled at this performance of theirs. It was truly wonderful, and the heart of the entire fest. First look the pictures below, and then you will come to know what exactly I am talking about. ;)

Now, would you like to know who contributed towards making our fest a huge success? I am sure you would.

Thank you for performing in our college. It truly was a mind-blowing act! :)