December 17, 2009

Creating Application Launcher For Composing Mail

You can create an Application Launcher for composing mail, without opening Gmail (or any other mail). To do this, do the following:

1. Right click on the desktop, and select Create Launcher....

2. You can also create a new item in Applications.

i) Right-click 'Applications', and select Edit Menus.
ii) Select an appropriate menu (Internet in my case) or create a new menu by clicking New Menu, although this isn't necessary. Create an item by clicking New Item.

3. Write firefox mailto:// in the field Command. Give an appropriate name and add a comment if required.

4. Drag the launcher to any of the panels, if required, for the ease of launching.

5. Click the launcher to see your mail editor open up.

You can now compose and send mails.

December 1, 2009

Tata Indicom USB Modem On Ubuntu 9.10

To successfully configure my Tata Indicom Plug2Surf Modem, what I did was,

1. Insert the modem, and then open the terminal and type,

varsha@varsha-laptop:~$ sudo wvdialconf

2. Type,

varsha@varsha-laptop:~$ sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

Edit the file:

Phone = #777
Password = internet
Username = internet

I am not sure if any other username and password would work, because it did not really work for me.

3. Save the file and exit the editor.

In addition to what you have done above, add the name of your modem in the Network connections. For this, right-click the Network Icon on the top panel. Then, do the following.

1. Select the tab Mobile Broadband. Click Add.

2. Click Forward (take the default settings on the first page).

3. Select India and click Forward.

4. Select the appropriate provider (Tata Indicom Plug2Surf in my case). Select I can't find my provider and I wish to enter it manually if you don't find your provider in the list. Click Forward.

5. Click Apply.

6. Take the default #777 in the Number field, and enter internet (as you have edited the /etc/wvdial.conf file) in the Username and Password fields.

7. Connect automatically and Available to all users are optional.

8. Click Apply.

9. Select the name of your connection from the list and you will see that connection is established.

Happy surfing!