April 13, 2009

System Proxy In Ubuntu- A Bug?

I faced a problem with Epiphany. After setting the home page as Google, I tried using Epiphany. But, except the home page and a few other sites like Twitter, no other page opened. It showed 'redirecting' for sometime, then showed the following error.

Rangeen Basu helped me out of this thing. He asked me to type about:config in the address bar of the browser. Then I typed network.proxy.ssl in the filter bar. It showed the value 8080, and definitely, this wasn't the correct port, as per the proxy settings of my college. Finally, what we did was uncheck 'Use the same proxy for all protocols', and typed in the proxy for all the boxes shown.

Then I tried opening Gmail and other sites. All were opening! :)

Now, on typing about:config, and (filter) network.proxy.ssl, I get the following screen.