April 10, 2009

Full Screen Mode In Mozilla

I had been facing this problem since long. Don't know how, but the Mozilla title bar vanished, and whenever I started the browser, the two panels in Ubuntu 8.1 also disappeared. I tried upgrading the browser, but it was of no use. Then, as usual, I started having problems with my computer (don't know whether it has any problems with two OS :P).

I keep on installing and reinstalling Windows and Linux on my computer. It has actually become a routine job, I have to do every month. Ok, leave that apart. Finally I reinstalled Ubuntu 8.1, which was really a pleasant surprise for me :). My data was somewhat safe as I had deleted the root partition from Windows Disk Management before reinstallation of my valuable OS Linux :), but I had to install many software again.

I found that my Mozilla still had the same problem. By this time I had decided to try another browser, until my Firefox starts behaving normally :P. Since I faced this problem earlier too, I had installed Opera which wasn't a pleasant experience. Now, I decided to use Epiphany, which is a simple yet powerful GNOME web browser targeted at non-technical users. You would find it under Applications-> Add/Remove. But this too wasn't much of a good experience, as many of the web pages were not opening up.

Then a LUG senior named Shreyank Gupta of CSE Final Year(2009), helped me out. He asked me whether I had by any chance taken Firefox into full screen mode. But as far as I remember, I didn't. I pressed F11 twice to get back my panels and the title bar of the browser window. Thank God (Oops! Sorry, Shreyank Gupta). By the way, pressing the F11 key once will suffice.

But, I have to keep doing F11 every time I start the Firefox browser. Nevertheless, I had at least the title bar and the Ubuntu panels visible and the browser working fine. Otherwise, earlier I had to quit the browser window, either by Ctrl+W or from File-> Quit, in order to use other applications, and opening other windows.