March 1, 2009

Installing Skype On Ubuntu 8.10

In an attempt to install Skype on Ubuntu 8.1, I found many results but none helped me much, although it might be helpful to someone else. In the Ubuntu forum, I found that Skype for Fedora Core 3 has to be downloaded for Ubuntu (strange it is, I agree).

Here are a few URL's which might be useful.



But now, I successfully installed Skype. What I did was I followed the steps below:

1. Go to this page, and select your distribution and version. I selected this package.

2. You will be asked for saving the package. Opt to save it on your desktop. But this is a .deb package.

3. Double-click the package on your desktop when the transfer completes. Click Install.

Skype will now get installed, and you will find it under Applications-> Internet. As simple as that! :)

Or, just type skype in the terminal.

If your audio and video configuraions are correct and drivers supported, you can use Skype without any trouble.